Candy-Powered Media Circus

This bar serves Twix bars wrapped in prosciutto. Last week, Rupert Murdoch’s Brooklyn Paper wrote a short piece about them, setting off a chain reaction of near-identical pieces. Good to see America’s journalists are staying busy in the absence of anything else going on in the world. The following news outlets have contributed to the discussion about how interesting and quirky it is that a bar could present a candy bar in such an unorthodox manner:

Brooklyn Paper

Matt Volner, seen here looking like an enormous douchebag.


The New York Post


The Daily Meal

Fucked in Park Slope

NY Eater

Park Slope Stoop


PS: We have been serving these things since we opened last November, not beginning in May as reported. Not that we here at the bar give a shit, but how is anyone expected to take these papers seriously about complex issues like the national economy and Justin Bieber’s social life when they can’t even get the facts straight about candy bars? Just throwing it out there…

Jul 2012
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